Connecticut CRI Data for Shelton

Scenic Roads - Scenic Resource Inventory

Six roads, as noted below, have been officially designated as Scenic Roads by the Board of Aldermen under Ordinance #649. The remaining roads listed below are classified as Scenic by the Community Resources Inventory Committee, but are not officially classified as such by the Board of Aldermen.

Birdseye Road (Designated Scenic Road)

Set high on a hilltop with a 'birdseye' view of the surrounding terrain, this road is lined with farmland, barns, stone walls, and mature trees.

Attributes: VIEW HISTORY AGRICULTURE - Hudak, Stern and Beardsley farms. SPECIMEN - Sugar Maples. FEATURES

School Street (Designated Scenic Road)

This short road is lined with stone walls, mature trees, farmland, and the White Hills Baptist Church (1839) and burying grounds.

Attributes: VIEW ??HISTORY AGRICULTURE - Curtis Farm??? FEATURE Stone walls.

Mill Street (Designated Scenic Road)

Located off of Bridgeport Avenue and Buddington Road, this old mill road follows the Far Mill River and was once used to access mills on the river. Impressive waterfalls can be seen from the road.

Attributes: VIEW - Far Mill River. HISTORY- Colonial roadway. FEATURES - River with waterfalls, historic homes including an old mill converted to a home.

Lane Street (Designated Scenic Road)

Located off of Huntington Street near Huntington Center.

Attributes: VIEW - stone walls, maples. HISTORY - Old colonial road. PASSIVE RECREATION - Shelton Lakes Recreation Path will cohabitate with the western end of Lane Street.

Pearmain Road (Designated Scenic Road from the end of the paved portion west approximately 3500 feet)

Pearmain Road is located in the White Hills off of Birdseye Road and south of Leavenworth Road (RT 110). A portion of Pearmain Road is unpaved and accessible by 4-wheel-drive vehicles, bicycles or by foot.

Attributes: Agriculture - Stearn Farm, Hudak Farm.

Burritt's Ground Road (Designated Scenic Road)

Burritt's Ground Road is actually a section of the road variously known as Indian Well Road or Birchbank Road, located along the Housatonic River north of Indian Well State Park. Many maps will not show this section of road as Burritt's Ground Road. If one is traveling north on Indian Well Road, the Burritt's Ground section begins where the road crosses the railroad tracks, and ends after approximately 3,000 ft, when the road name switches to Birchbank Road. Burritt's Ground Road is lined with undeveloped properties including wellfields operated by Aquarion and City of Shelton Open Space.

Attributes: VIEW.

Long Hill Avenue

From Long Hill School south to Laurel Wood Drive, Long Hill Avenue is marked by stone walls and agricultural lands.

Attributes: VIEW- Farmland. HISTORY - This is one of the older roads in Shelton. PASSIVE RECREATION - walking. FEATURES - ??

Walnut Tree Hill Road

This old road is lined with stone walls and is bordered by Jones Family Farm and Fairview Farm.

Attributes: VIEW. HISTORIC. AGRICULTURE - Jones Family Farm, Fairview Farm. FEATURES - stone walls.

Soundview Avenue (Maple to Meadow)

This section of Soundview Avenue is lined with stone walls and sugar maples.

Attributes: VIEW HISTORIC AGRICULTURE -SPECIMEN - Sugar maples. FEATURES - Stone walls.

Village Drive (Upper Portion)

Exactly what does 'upper portion' mean?Vistas.

Attributes: VIEW - Vistas looking towards the Housatonic River Valley.

"Four Corners" (Mohegan/Booth Hill Roads)

Stone walls.

Attributes: VIEWS. FEATURES - Stone walls.

Route 110 (River Road): Southbank Park to Boat Yard

This portion of River Road has vistas of the Housatonic River.

Attributes: VIEW - Vistas. FEATURE - Housatonic River

Route 110 (Leavenworth Road): Monroe to Indian Well

Vistas of farmland.

Attributes: VIEW - Forest and farmland. HISTORY -?? PASSIVE RECREATION - ?? FEATURES - Cattle underpass at Nicholdale Farm.

Huntington Street

Traveling north on Huntington Street, one first passes scenic Trap Falls Reservoir, then a series of historic homes and a scenic crossing of the Far Mill River with associated mill ruins. Arriving at Huntington Center, one sees the Fire Station, historic cemetery, and the old Town Green lined with classic New England Churches.

Attributes: View- Trap Falls Reservoir, Huntington Green. History - Major historical route, mill ruins, historic homes, Huntington Green & cemetery.

Indian Well Road.

As it passes through Indian Well State Park, this road is lined with stonework said to have been built during the Great Depression as WPA projects. The bridge over Indian Hole Brook is constructed of field stone and was built in 1910. North of the state park, there are seasonal vistas of the Housatonic River. The entire length of the road is bordered by state or local parkland.

Attributes: View - Seasonal views of the Housatonic River. History - stone work near park entrance. Features - stone work. At Risk - the stone bridge is said to be deficient and therefore might be replaced with a new structure.