Connecticut CRI Data for Shelton

Agricultural (Other) - Scenic Resources Inventory

These farms are located outside of the White Hills.

Tall Farm Open Space

Located off Long Hill Ave. and Stowe Drive, this field is hayed under agreement with the City. A portion of the field is also being used as a lacrosse field.

There are views of the Housatonic River Valley from the top of the field. The farm is not under threat of development, although it could be developed into municipal facilities.

Attributes: VIEW - Vista of Housatonic River Valley. PARK - Lacrosse field (temporary?). AGRICULTURE - hay.

Wells Hollow Farm

Located on Bridgeport Avenue and Beard Sawmill Road along a heavily commercial corridor, Wells Hollow Farm operates a nursery, vegetable stand, Christmas tree store, and ice cream shop and grows crops such as corn. The farm has recently begun offering group events for Scouts and birthday parties with an agritourism flavor.

Attributes: AGRICULTURE RISK - Private property located in a commercial corridor.

Klapik Farm Open Space

This farm is located off Long Hill Avenue near Long Hill School and is owned by the City of Shelton as Open Space. The meadows are harvested for hay, and the surrounding woodlands may be used for passive recreational activities such as hiking.

Attributes: VIEWS - Vista of Housatonic River from Tall Farm. PARK - Open to the public, a portion of Tall Farm is being used as a LaCrosse field. PASSIVE RECREATION - Hiking, although there are no officially designated trails. AGRICULTURE - hayfields. FEATURE