Connecticut CRI Data for Shelton


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The Conservation Commission was assigned the task of conducting a Scenic Resources Inventory under the 2006 Plan of Conservation and Development. Because "scenic" is a highly subjective value, the Commission formed the Community Resources Inventory ("CRI") Committee, composed of members from all City wards and political parties, to assemble the inventory. The Commission also solicited public input.

CRI Committee Members:
Dave Zamba
Barbara Crawford
Teresa Gallagher
Tom Harbinson
Joe Palmucci
Gil Pastore
Margaret Paulsen
Jason Perillo
Ron Pilkowicz
Randy York

As of February 2009, an inventory draft has been completed and can be viewed using the menu on the right.  Comments should be directed to Teresa Gallagher, Conservation Agent, 924-1555 x315 or by email at

Using the Inventory

The CRI Committee compiled a spreadsheet of scenic resources and identified the following possible attributes for each resource:

  • View
  • History
  • Park
  • Public Recreation
  • Specimen
  • Features
  • At Risk

It became apparent during the inventory process that while all CRI Committee member were knowledgeable about some of the scenic features, none of the members were familiar with all of them, and it was easy to lose track of why the various attributes had been selected.   It therefore became imperative to go back and document the justification for each attribute.  This is shown at the bottom of each scenic listing.