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Architecture and landscape


Victorian-Era Buildings

"Victorian" technically describes any building constructed during the reign of Queen Victoria (c 1840 - 1900). The American Queen Ann style of Victorian-era buildings was popular in the late-1800's and included many of the features most often described as "Victorian."

Much of downtown Shelton was built in the late 1800's after the Ousatonic dam allowed for the rapid rise of industrial Shelton. Some of the architecture reflected the prosperity of the era.

The follow offsite page has several examples of Victorian-era architecture in downtown Shelton: Shelton Victorian-Era Homes

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Shelton-Derby Bridges

The Derby-Shelton Bridge (Bridge Street) comprises five closed-spandrel concrete arches constructed c. 1919. It is the fifth bridge at that location, having replaced an iron bridge built in 1891, and a covered bridge before that. Photo at left was taken from the Derby Greenway bridge.

The steel truss railroad bridge was built in 1888. The flood of 1891, caused by the collapse of the dam, washed out a portion of the bridge. See photos (offsite link).


Pierpont Block

Located on Howe Avenue, the Pierpont building was building c. 1893 and named after J.P. Morgan, one of the early investors in the area (the "P" in J.P. Morgan stood for Pierpont). The building was renovated in the 1980's.

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