Open Space Map (3mb)

City of Shelton Open Space Marker

open space marker

This marker is used to identify Public Open Space owned by the City of Shelton.  It does not mark the exact location of the property line and may be as much as 100 feet away from the boundary, depending on site conditions.  The Conservation and Pedestrian Easements markers have a similar look but different text.

Land Trust Marker

The Land Trust is a private, non-profit group that owns 364 acres of open space in Shelton, marked with these signs.  People frequently confuse the Land Trust with the City of Shelton.

Wetlands Marker

These rectangular wetlands marker may be found in some newer subdivisions, usually on 4x4 posts. They mark the location of areas regulated by the Shelton Inland Wetlands Commission. These are generally on private property and are not related to open space. 

Open Space #OS 89 "Pearl Bach"
Manhassett Trail & Shinnacock Trail in Pine Rock Park

This quarter-acre "pocket park" is located alongside Manhassett Trail, a road that roughly follows the north side of the Far Mill River in Pine Rock Park.  Parking is strictly prohibited in front of the park on either side of the street, so visitors must park on other streets such as Ojibwa and walk to the park.

The Pearl Bach property abuts a much larger open space property owned by the Town of Stratford, but located within Shelton city limits, which includes what is often called "the swimming hole" (swimming is prohibited) and the ruins of mills, dams, and a trolley line. 

During the summer the swimming hole attracts crowds of people from across the region, and there are chronic problems with illegal parking, litter, and late-night parties.  There is no official trail from Pearl Bach to the river, but people step over a guardrail and follow a rocky gulley with poor footing to a sewer easement utility road.

This part of the river is high scenic, but is recommended only off-season to avoid crowds.  Alternative access to the north side of the river is via a trail at 865 River Road (ASF Sports), and on the Stratford side of the river at the intersection of River Road and Pine Tree Lane ("Far Mill River Park").

Map and Photos

Tax Assessor's Map showing Pearl Bach property (yellow) and abutting property owned by the Town of Stratford.

The Pearl Bach property alongside Manhassett Trail is limited to the top of the river bank, as seen here. The wooded property below is owned by Stratford.

There is no official trail from Pearl Bach to the river, but people follow this stony gulley on Stratford property from Manhassett Trail to a sewer easement road near the river.

The "Swimming Hole" (swimming prohibited).  The north bank is owned by the Town of Stratford, but located with Shelton city limits. The south bank is part of Far Mill River Park in Stratford.

Sewer easement road along the banks of the Far Mill River.

Ruins of an old mill near Rt 110 on the Stratford property.