Photos & Video

Please see the Eklund Garden blog for day-to-day postings and pictures of the garden. 

Early Pictures

Photos from the garden:

Eklund "Before" (overgrown garden beds, invasive Black Swallowwort)

Eklund 2007 (Troop 512 cleared and planted native species)

Eklund 2008 (Troop 512 installed signs; upper bed rototilled)

Eklund October 2008 (Clearing and plantings by Allison, Teresa and others)

Here's a 2008 video of the garden (select "watch in high quality" to the lower right of the video). 


Thank You...

Eklund Garden was made possible by a generous grant from the Iroquois Pipeline Operating Company.

Eklund Garden is dependent on a volunteer-based, grass-roots effort.  Opportunities abound for involvement.

Lending a Hand...


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