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Spring 2009: Lot's of clearing and raking was done, as well as the installation of a deer fence. A new bypass trail was created around the fenced-in area so that mountain bikers would not need to get off their bikes and open gates to go down the trail.  A load of Sweet Peat mulch was spread over the main bed and turned into the soil.  During the long wet period of late April and early May, some "rescued" natives were transplanted from areas where they would have been lost to construction. In May, the garden was stocked with perennials, funded by a grant from the Iroquois Company.  

January 2009:  The Iroquois Company has donated $2,500 for the purchase of native plants.  Yay!  Teresa and Allison are working on a planting plant.   We're also going to need a deer fence installed to protect the plants, and the end of the old driveway will need some work so deliveries may be made.

October 2008: Wow, we've cleared a huge area and these gardens are bigger than we thought!  There was an upper terrace we never even knew existed.

October 2008:  Allison had the butterfly garden rototilled (this is large bed closest to the trail) and we took a drive up to Earth Tones in Woodbury and bought a few plants.  We also transplanted some plants from our own gardens and woodland edges.

October 2008:  Girl Scout Troop 512 installed some lovely wooden identification markers for the plants.

2007:  Troop 512 cleaned out some garbage and debris and planted some native species such as Swamp Azalea, May Apple, and Wild Ginger.  The old goldfish pond, filled with muck, was planted with wetland Royal Fern.  The plant purchases was funded by the Conservation Commission

2007:  Teresa has been spraying the invasive Black Swallowwort vine which has infested most of the garden.   Four rounds of Round-Up got most of it, but now it's just coming up from seed.


Thank You...

Eklund Garden was made possible by a generous grant from the Iroquois Pipeline Operating Company.

Eklund Garden is dependent on a volunteer-based, grass-roots effort.  Opportunities abound for involvement.

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